This blog wil share articles regarding upcoming Brick Cave Media fundraising efforts. The Blog will have three levels of access.

- Public. These posts are available for everyone to read. They will include general information regarding Brick Cave's business and fundraising eforts. They are available for anyone to read and require to advance ragistration.

- Supporter Access Alpha- These posts provide additional insight into Brick Cave fundraising efforts, including the design and planning of the upcoming Kickstarter as wella s behind the scenes work on projects such as the BC Book Club and other initiatives. This access level requires advance registration, which you can do here.

- Investor Access Beta- These posts provide the deepest look into Brick Cave Media, including interactive opportunities as the organzation plans it's initiative for September, 2020. This level of access requires both advance registration and additonal requirements, located here.

Join the Book Club

The first way is to become a subscribing member of the BC Book Club. By becoming a $5 or $10 member, you are providing a solid foundation for Brick Cave to grow and expand over time.

Follow on Kickstarter

Those members will have access to preparation work for the upcoming crowdfuinding campaign on Kickstarter.

Insight and Information

Find out details about the 2020 Kickstarter before anyone else, and even have a say in how the rewards are built. It's going to be alot of fun, and even more fun to have you along for the ride.