The Brick Cave Pitch Begins In . . . 10/01/2020 12 Days

This blog wil share articles regarding upcoming Brick Cave Media fundraising efforts. The Blog will have three levels of access.

- Public. These posts are available for everyone to read. They will include general information regarding Brick Cave's business and fundraising eforts. They are available for anyone to read and require to advance ragistration.

Join the Book Club

The first way is to become a subscribing member of the BC Book Club. By becoming a $5 or $10 member, you are providing a solid foundation for Brick Cave to grow and expand over time.



Why being at the Brick Cave Pitch sessions are important?

The pitch sessions (one has happened, the other is happening 9/23) is you opportunity to see a bit of the larger and longer strategic vision that we have in store for Brick Cave.

More importantly than that, it gives you a chance to interact with Bob and decide if you feel he can make the plan happen.

At the end of the day, that is what the Pitch really boils down to- do you think that a small publishing company in a non publishing market can make it's way and become an industry force?

But the pitch sessions are more than a subtle gut check- they give you the chance to see if you have an idea or opportunity to contribute to the vision. As one of the important goals of the effort is to gather the talent to bring the vision alive, that means just as much to the wholistic view of those that choose to invest as much as it does to the person that will be hired to perform the tasks.

There will be hiccups and barriers and challenges at every turn, and working through those will be a direct function of the circle of people and ideas engaged in the idea at every level. It's not just about asking for money- it's about collecting a circle of talented, engaged people that want the idea to lift off the ground and take flight.

That's why the pitch sessions are important- they are your chance to interview Brick Cave and see if we are a fit for your investment, your time and mostly your support.

Brick Cave Pitch: Why the BC Book Club?

Why the BC Book Club?

A long time ago, I learned the value of building relationships with people that enjoy the things that you create. Sometimes it's with the artist, sometimes it's with the art, but it's a part of the enjoyment to feel emotionally attached in some way.

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Introduction to the Pitch

Welcome to the Brick Cave Pitch.

What is it?

Well, it's our campaign to raise funds to do three things:

  • Grow our business
  • Improve our business
  • Prepare our business for the future

Growth for us is pretty simple. We have no full time employees. A loose collaboration of volunteers, interns and founder Bob Nelson, partnered with some passionate writers, have built a pretty impressive business to date. Both as a recognized publishing industry brand and as a successful business enterprise, Brick Cave has accomplished a tremendous amount in the last 10 years.

The challenge, of course, is leveraging that success and investing in the authors and books that have gotten us here, to take us farther collectively. The potential is literally unlimited. We are at the limits of what a "no paid employee" can accomplish, so we need to improve our business.

Improving the business starts with putting the right talent in place to carry the creative, sales and management loads effectively. That cannot be done with unpaid contributors, so the priority of our campaign, is to raise the money to acquire and train the talent. Many great people over the years have contributed their talent and work to creating what is today an effective and well thought through process of creating quality, engaging books, marketing those books and managing the critical relationships to tie that all together into a great organization. Having that talent in place will give us a foundation to prepare our business for the future.

Content, original, creative and quality content adaptable across multiple media is the future, and as the demand for that content increases, Brick Cave needs to be in a position to meet that demand. That comes from paying attention to details, thinking down the road, and leveraging the tremendous talent we have to create a new catalog of engaging, generational content.

So, our Pitch to you begins October 1, and we are asking for your investment through to bring this first part of our plan to fruition. Between now and then, we will share weekly updates here on the Brick Cave Pitch website. We'll also host educational webinars so you can learn more about Brick Cave, about Bob Nelson it's founder and the many talented people involved in the work.

Subscribe to the Pitch email list to receive notifications on new posts as the countdown commences, and we look forward to having you join us on our next great journey.

Bob Nelson
Founder, Principal Support Executive
Brick Cave Media

Brick Cave Pitch: About Founder Bob Nelson

About Brick Cave founder Bob Nelson (that's me)

I thought I would share a bit of history on me, and how the events of the last 26 years have built the foundation for what Brick Cave Media will become. This will echo the Brick Cave Story page on the Brick Cave website with a little added commentary. By the way, TOTALLY want to that The Wayback Machine for documenting my exploits way better than I ever did.

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