So, what exactly happens day 1 if The Pitch is successful? There are some speculative statements here based on the plan for the successful funding of the CrowdFunder. Understand that it is entirely possible through a number of circumstances and risk factors that these may not come to pass. Check in with the CrowdFunder Profile to learn more.

The Clock Starts

There is a 36 month clock that starts day 1, and start counting down. This is important because for the plan to be successful, and for Brick Cave to be set up for Phase II (see the SlideShare at the CrowdFunder site), we will need to hit the ground running. That is going to require, as Bob says in the intro video, the right team of people to make the difference.

The People Equation

The great thing about opening your business up for interns is several fold. You meet up and coming talent that is looking for the opportunity to make a difference. You can keep in touch with them after their internship is over. They understand your business- because they worked it. It's a job interview per se, and an opportunity like this gives a business owner the chance to bring the people in that they know are difference makers, eager and excited by the challenge.

Match that to the wisdom of your investors, because success is a team effort, and you have a pretty compelling case for success.

This is a game of relationships, and accelerating the revenue per work hour, which is really going to be an end to the means, is about having thoughtful, creative and engaged people at all levels- top to bottom. So, putting the people in place is priority #1.

Build the Foundation

Those first 3 employees (and founder Bob makes 4) will need the right foundation in approaching this new phase of the business. Understanding Management vs Leadership, how to manage relationships across customers, clients and vendors. The importance of planning and execution, critical thinking, business integrity and emotional intelligence. The concepts of Means versus Ends, measuring success in context of goals. All of these things build a foundation for business wisdom and intelligence. These "soft skills" are the start of creating an effective team of individuals that will be able to work towards the ultimate goal of scaling the business and challenging those employees to rise to the challenge as that scaling happens.

Getting the Work Done

Then comes execution, to take the processes and systems that Brick Cave has already developed over the last 4 years, and deploy them with vigor. Employ the marketing experience that Brick Cave has built up, along with the wide range of existing author, contractor and vendor relationships that we already enjoy, and put the machine into hyper drive. Month 36 should be an afterthought, as we will have worked to release at least 48 new books in that time, effectively tripling the organizations output of content. The increased marketing capacity expected to drive higher revenue on average per book, both new release and back catalogue, and the dedicated attention to distribution relationships is expected to pay strong dividends in brand industry awareness.

That is probably more than Day 1, but now you get a sense of what the priority is for the fundraising effort, and how we will get the job done.