The Brick Cave Pitch Begins In . . . 10/01/2020 12 Days

Book Clubs, Fan Clubs and the like are nothing new certainly. The formulation of fandoms may seem like a recent development, but the concepts date back for as long as people have become emotionally attached to artists and content.

Building a long term framework for people to engage with their favorite content, their favorite artists and each other, is an important tool in the toolbox for any business, but especially so in entertainment.

In one form or another, Brick Cave had experimented with Forums and interactive programming since day 1. In 2018, we engaged with Patreon to build a more robust community framework. While we liked Patreon (and still do), it just wasn't quite what we were looking for. We wanted the best of both worlds, a dynamic community oriented interactive framework and a communication medium for those that support Brick cave and it's authors to have exclusive access to content and communications that conveys the value that they have with a grateful Brick Cave.

Taking all that we have learned, both technically and otherwise, we started building the BC Book Club in 2019. Launched in Beta in February 2020, we tested and played with features and items until we went live in April 2020. It's a long term project that puts the pieces in place so that as we grow, and people want to engage with Brick Cave, it's writers or each other, they have a place to do so. The Pandemic has made the work more urgent, and important in diversifying the connection that we have with those that enjoy what we create.

The road map for the future includes software development, more points of access and enhanced exclusive content access. The BC Book Club will be a central pillar in Brick Cave's long term strategy to build, maintain and honor a loyal fan base.

- Bob

About the Brick Cave Pitch

The Brick Cave Pitch is Brick Cave Media's Crowdfunding effort to raise money to expand and grow. Explore the website and subscribe to the newsletter to learn. More about this great opportunity. You can also read more from the Brick Cave Pitch Blog.