The Brick Cave Pitch Begins In . . . 10/01/2020 12 Days

The pitch sessions (one has happened, the other is happening 9/23) is you opportunity to see a bit of the larger and longer strategic vision that we have in store for Brick Cave.

More importantly than that, it gives you a chance to interact with Bob and decide if you feel he can make the plan happen.

At the end of the day, that is what the Pitch really boils down to- do you think that a small publishing company in a non publishing market can make it's way and become an industry force?

But the pitch sessions are more than a subtle gut check- they give you the chance to see if you have an idea or opportunity to contribute to the vision. As one of the important goals of the effort is to gather the talent to bring the vision alive, that means just as much to the wholistic view of those that choose to invest as much as it does to the person that will be hired to perform the tasks.

There will be hiccups and barriers and challenges at every turn, and working through those will be a direct function of the circle of people and ideas engaged in the idea at every level. It's not just about asking for money- it's about collecting a circle of talented, engaged people that want the idea to lift off the ground and take flight.

That's why the pitch sessions are important- they are your chance to interview Brick Cave and see if we are a fit for your investment, your time and mostly your support.