So, after a few last minute wranglings, the Pitch is now live, and ready for you to learn EVEN MORE <- that is a subtle hint to click there and open the Crowdfunder page in a new window for you to look at when you are done reading this post.

OK, so here is the deal (about the deal)-

The fundraising regulations we are following have TWO very important attributes and one VERY important caveat. They are kind of important to your decision, so we will share then with you here.

Attribute #1: We can tell you about the deal

We can get you excited about the deal, we can share with you the unbelievable future that we expect to have- balanced of course with the risks involved in investing in a small, risky venture.

And you can get motivated to take action. But . . .

Attribute #2: You have to be the right Investor

That's not us being judgemental, honest. That is the SEC (and ultimatley, the US Federal Goverment) trying to keep you from being taken for a ride. Because of the way the rules are written (and the fact that we have been talking about the opportunity- us and our big mouths) you'll need to be what is called a "Accredited Investor". If your not sure what that means, you may not be one :).

Accredited investors need to have a net worth (excluding primary residence) of more than $1 million, or must have earned income above $200,000 per year ($300,000 combined with a spouse) for at least three years.

For the record, Founder Bob isn't one either.

The idea is that the powers that be are trying to ensure that potential investors understand what they are getting into, have the means to not be irreperably harmed if the venture fails and (hopefully) have some savvy to avoid potential pitfalls.

Now, what exactly does that mean?

It's pretty simple, if you fit the bill, head on over and create your Crowdfunder Profile and let us know you're in. That being said, Bob will need to ask you for some documentation, so that when the round closes and the $ is collected (effectively 'sold'), hopefully December 31 or sooner, he can fill out the appropriate forms and paperwork and get them in to the SEC in a pretty tight timeline. It's all about the paperwork.

If you don't fit the bill, don't dispair- we'll keep you updated on progress. Subscibe to the newsletter and stay tuned.


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